setstatsNudge Notes - Rules
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1. No Spamming - There is a limit to how many Nudge Notes a person can receive: 3 per week to the same email address or phone number

2. No Duplicates - The same message can not be sent to the same email address or phone number in a one week period.

3. No Bullying - Our intent is to help someone improve, not bully them into action. Send Nudge Notes with good intent and a heart of service.

Our Values:

1. Nudge Notes are intended to help another person become aware and provide the opportunity to improve.

2. Nudge Notes should be sent with a caring-heart, absent of malice.

3. Nudge Notes are never used to bully or harass.

4. Make the world a better place. Do a good deed...send a Nudge.
Rules For Sending Nudges:

Our Values: